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We Sell Quality Used & New Tires

Looking for good quality tires at affordable prices? Perhaps looking for a pre-owned tire because you can’t afford a new one right now? No worries! Our brands have different options to give you the selection like you've never seen before.

Vehicle handling may be significantly affected by a change in tire size or type. Thus, our experienced staff will help you in spotting the perfect tire for you from the long list available at our shop. Professionalism in all our dealings set Shorty’s Tires apart from our competitors. So why wait?

Call us at (888) 348-0706 to set up an appointment with our sales professionals.

We Beat Any Written Estimate

Shorty’s Tires has been serving Escondido and surrounding areas for the past many years. Our tire collection features a wide variety of styles, sizes, and finishes, so you get exactly what you want.

Our customers truly deserve the best in car tires, and we do our best to cater to their needs. To know the cost of the tires, call us at (888) 348-0706. We have the right combination of quality new and used tires.


Sometimes a used tire is the right choice. You may be planning to trade your car. Maybe just one tire is worn or damaged, and you want to match the wear on your other tires instead of buying a new. Shorty’s Tires keeps many quality used tires on hand. We inspect them beforehand to be sure of their good performance.

Need Brake Repair Or Shocks Replacement? We’ll Take Care Of That Too!

No matter what your needs are; Shorty’s Tires has the tools and expertise to perform auto repair on your automobile. We have some of the most up to date and sophisticated diagnostic equipment available in the industry. When you stop by for your vehicle check-up, our experienced technicians will quickly perform a full system scan and explain any maintenance your vehicle requires.

Drive in today for a trustworthy auto repair service! At Shorty’s Tires, we also have some specials running for our customers. To know more, just browse our website.

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Phone: (888) 348-0706

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